Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Short Note from Management: I Thought I Was New Here

Gregory Lawless is the author of a really excellent book of poems called I Thought I Was New Here; it's available from BlazeVOX right now and probably everyone you know would love it for the holidays. You can buy it here.

He also runs a really cool virtual space on these internets (its descriptor is "poems and whatnot", which seems about right), also called I Thought I Was New Here. There's information about his work, interviews with young writers, and also featured poets.

I bring all this up because a) Gregory Lawless is an adventurous and funny and all around wonderful writer and you all should know about his work, and b) he's put up four (4) poems of mine for your enjoyment. Read all about it right here.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Microfilme Magazine

Microfilme Magazine is a pretty amazing poetry project coming from some inventive and industrious and all around awesome people in Amherst, Massachusettes. It's available for purchase now. Click the link to see the contributors and what Microfilme is all about.

Friday, December 18, 2009

A Few Stray Remarks on Limiting Emissions

At the Copenhagen summit on starting
to talk about what to do about
climate change and also with side-
panels on if this even exists
and if so what is the strict definition
of both "climate" and "change"
and then both of these words
together and how various parts of speech

tend to shift like ships at foggy sea
I take the podium to let everyone know
that I've finished my dissertation
on the effects of the warming alps
as it pertains to animals straight
out of someone's nightmares,
I've also swallowed a large number
of diamonds and I'll be going now, thanks.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I've Replaced My Brain with Google

[poem was here]

I've Been Listening to Music Lately!

iPods are really great, you know?
You can take your music anywhere!

While I'm feeding small rodents
to my python? Listening to my jams.

While I'm driving my car through
as many parking meters as I can

before the hood buckles? Jams.
While I'm designing new rocket

sheaths to propel nuclear waste
into the sun? Why, that's the time

for jams! The sun is like a giant
nuclear reactor churning in space,

so it's pretty much a win-win.
There's a jam for that. Other things

there are jams for include but
are not limited to the following:

murder, extradition, Swiss Chalet
making and holing up in, drug

smuggling, espresso-making,
total ontological collapse, con-

sidering the double-edged sword
of fame and fortune, a withered

monkey's paw and lots and lots
of screaming at the rodeo,

which you can also watch in real-
time via a gadget implanted

in your brain -- you never even
have to leave the parking lot.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

There Are Snakes Wound Round the Cables Delivering Power to Our Light Source

I discovered the secret behind eggs.
You don't want to know.
Giraffes know.
So do clouds, actually.
Giraffes know a lot of trivia
but just try getting one to talk.
What they like best to do
with their thick blue tongues
is not bend low and use them
to whisper secrets to you.
And that was my afternoon at the zoo.
The clouds were also there.
I heard that you went
to a land far, far away
and came back completely unscathed.
Alternately: you came back
as a cloud-shaped giraffe.
My face feels unhappy.
That can't be right,
not with my big mustache!
There's a lot of frost here,
even more than all the stupid tattoos.
Who's wearing them?
Everyone's in a band.
Everyone's in several bands.
The band releases a new album:
a turtle blinks.
It takes not as much time
as you might guess but
it's also the sound of a turtle blinking
that most resembles
how my heart tick tocks
out across the frozen lakes
to find you again.
Clocks: what a nuisance.
The birds outside my non-window
are trying to convince me
it's called a wall.
They're probably right.
Birds usually are.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

There Are Some Doings A-Brewing

Things are happening over at Hell Yes. Go check it out if you haven't lately! It will be worth your while.

Brad Liening's Daily Poem Factory-Machine: out!

Headline Antibodies

Chocolate milkshakes.
Hip ironic posturing
deflated by feeling.
Your arms around me.
Bunnies and also
bunnies on great adventures.
Bunnies drinking blood.
A pony and a hand.
Unicorns in any context.
Skyscrapers full of mist.
Your arms around me, still.
Moss swinging from the trees
in soft ropy bundles.
Piano solo!
Lions roaring!
That clip on YouTube
of a lion hugging a guy --
true story!
One room painted
bright orange,
the next minty blue.
Rocket ships we can
fog with our breath.
Playing "Wipe Out"
on each other's buttocks.
Great lyrical imagery
through the ages --
forlorn! the very word
is a bell to call me
back to the bar
with great fistfuls of flowers.
Petunias running wild
through the scree.
Full moon, again.
I am going to mention
your arms once more.

Friday, December 4, 2009

New Issue of InDigest!

Issue 13 of InDigest.

Contributors include: Nate Pritts, David Bartone, Anthony Robinson, Ricardo Alberto Maldonado, and Jennifer L. Knox. And that's just in poetry. Whoa.

Click here.