07 July 2014

Tokyo Drifter

I see you're really going.
Patchwork shadows in the long goodbye suffuse
Bluely. An elder
Enters and places a phone call from behind slats,
Bars, where a woman waits.
Your first trip. I'll write a wire.
Already, too soon,
I'll phone later from under the scary tree.
Windows frame the longing looks.
Old men tend to at first give sage advice
Lending the later betrayal
More bitter
Under the blood-red cat's eye moon.
Take care, Tokyo man.
In the yellow bar are low voices
And people getting ready under advertisements
In narrow back rooms.
Help us.
The entertainment is about to begin.
The anxious questions get asked and nearly missed.
From under the gun.
From under the yellow shadows
A song descends the stairs.
Blue songs smoke the snowy train.
Trouble over a new territory?
I came to a bad place.
Dishes break but don't feel
You have to help us.
Incense burns
And Tokyo men have come and more are coming
Though fires burning in the snow.
Pipe down,
We have a guest.
We have a hotel with a red lantern
Managing fine without help,
The silent bridge drooped in shadow in the deep drifts.
You will warm yourself and your torn blue suit
By the wood-burning stove.
A man who looks like you will wish you in hell.
You will come to a clean white place
And you will move on.