Monday, November 24, 2014


Here's the leaning barn.
I remember it as being white.

Where there's no one else to say otherwise
The heat has its way followed by the cold.

Shafts of light, they're overrated.
Too much made
Of some slight little elements

Only the cold-blooded feel
On their lucky flat rocks.

Most days, anyway.
Most days,

Which is all anyone can say.

Dispersion Blues

So the smoke goes.
The ridge stays
Or so I'm told.

I'm from a place
Famous for
Being very flat.

A figure from far
Away starts
Toward me.

There is time
In between for
Anything at all.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Anyone's Guess

Empyrean love lights the firmament
Like it always does. Out

On the other side of death.

The other side of death?
The other side of love

Is anyone's guess, and anyone
Is always guessing. Just try

And stop them.

Hot stars rain down,

Freezing by the time they get to us.
A rose spelled backwards is almost

Eyesore. Almost

Is the way I get from here
To anywhere else.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Inexpert Witness

Many times the stumbling etiquette.

It took the better part of a life
For the blue car
To gurgle to the bottom
Of the black river.

In some mythologies
Gods arrive wearing suits,
A few bearing gifts.

Others just bear.

It was in the icy fjords I first felt my maker.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Best Guess

Unilateral eyeballs

My friends

They eliminate old national debt.

It's sort of like

A joke.

Keeling tank,

You know.

Rust remains

As it does. Your new national complex

Sparks denoting and associative oil.

Your drool

Makes a smile in the sky like an airplane making

A smile in the earth.

Burning furrow.

Furring bellow.

Yawning fellow.

You'll feel better

When you're back among friends again.

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